Wednesday, May 20, 2009

project beautysmart

its a sad week for all d members of foo family..u lost our most senior mmbr..dats my grandma,,
plus..fafa s gonna mis them both..

well, its a new day for me..bru start cuti bape ari..4 me la..huhu..i think i need to do a lil bit of adjustment for myself..

1.nak turunkn berat 7kg dalam 2 bulan..logic ke? haha
2.nak cantikkn rmbut? ya..nak dye blond.
3.restore my posture..i need dat.
4.polish my comunication technique
5.take gud care of my skin..
6.tingkatkn iman
7.ignore -ve thoughts
8.ignore org yg obses nasyid
9.xnk kaco bf org
10.jage umah..kemas cantik2 out smpi dpt belly mcm angelina jolie.. mcm mane nak dpt duit..

hahah..k smbung next time

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