Monday, May 4, 2009

morning blurby..

sbrnye nak g mandikn die tydo plak..comel gler..huhu..yah~ im quite down these days..byk bnde happen..u see, sumtimes people we trus d most, cannot b trusted,,sumtimes people we love d most, dont deserve to be love..y? gues u all noe y..herm..

bbe, i think im falling for sum1 who s isnt in my league..ntahlah..hes cool..hes funny..hes mysterious..but i dunt think he like me..kdg2 wonder can i possibly fall for sum1 yg dunie berlainan? way off~ pape je la..hehe

well..i hv 2 more paper 2 go..3 paper got screwd, tinggal 2 je harapan..semuge berjaye sarahku! fighting!!

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